How to Kill Wildlife - Six Steps to Get Bats Out of Your Attic

Six Steps to Get Bats Out of Your Attic

While Batman is fascinating to watch, bats are not. For many people it is just disgusting to have bats around. It is also common to hear stuff like “we fear the bats same way, we fear the vampires”. For majority of human population, house-bat simply causes damage to property. Whatever the reason may be, people who have an attic invaded with bats always look out for getting rid of this tiny creature. Curing bat infestation is not such an easy process at all. One needs to make proper planning for thoroughly accomplishing the task. In fact dealing with bats involves behaving in a more sensitive way; because ultimate goal should be to get rid of bats and not to crush them. Effective expulsion of bats from the house attic is possible through these five steps.

1. Identify bats infestation
It is difficult to spot bats in daylight, because they are active in dark. Bats rustle constantly and hence make their neighbours feel their existence. But one can’t identify presence of bats from a mere rustling which can also be due to leakage of water line. Bats also leave too much droppings (commonly known as guaon). Their urine is not visible but it leaves stains on the surface with a strong odor. Such signs in an attic readily lead to identification of the bat presence.

2. Know about the bat species
There are different species of bats. A house bat is not like a cave bat which is capable of living in more natural environment. Once you know which kind of bat species has attacked your attic, getting rid of them becomes an easy process. Knowing about the type of bats is necessary; it can make you to plan your removal project more properly. Afterall, there is no use of wasting energy and time on thing which is going to be useless. It is prudent to contact some pest pro or wildlife expert for identifying the type of bat species.

3. Investigate the entry points of bats
One must be familiar with entry points used by bats to make their way in. Usually cracks, apertures and even small openings in the walls are enough to act as pavement. An open door or windows are not the only exit/enter passages of the bats. Chimney flues can be another common entry point. It is also useless to look for bats in areas exposed to light. Habitually, bats are more prone to inhabit the dark locations. Make sure not to skip even single opening in a wall. Bats have ability to squeeze their bodies and fit even a half inch wide opening, Bats leave at dusk and enter at dawn. Once you have decided to make your attic clear of bats, change your routine, to monitor that of bats. Such monitoring is necessary to probe the entry and exit points.

4. Distract the bats to make them go away
One of the basic ways to get rid of bats is by creating disturbance for them. It is a common fact that bats love darkness. Hence, exposing them to light can make them deprived of darkness. One reason why attics are always favourite spot of bats is that they have abundant darkness. At times, home owners don’t pay visit to this place for days; this gives bats an edge to monopolize certain spots. Once, windows and doors are opened and sunlight is given a way, bats become compelled to find a way out. Another way to create obstacles is by hanging the aluminium foils from ceiling. Such foils disorient bats and repel them successfully.

5. Use a bat box
Getting rid of bats doesn’t always mean to use a harsh approach. One can think with a soft heart to provide the bats with an alternate residence. The best way is to make a bat box and shift bats to them. It is very easy to make a bat box from scratch. One can contact a pest expert and take his services to get a bat box. Usually, bat box is just like a bird house. Once bats have a more reliable home to roost in, they would not consider going back their previous location.

6. Install Exclusion Device
Exclusion device on exit points is the most effective way to get rid of bats. Usually, exclusion devices can be a funnel, a trap of a passage with one sided opening only. Bear in mind to only use those exclusion devices that aim at barring the entry of bats. In many areas killing of bats is illegal and hence installing apparatus that can crush the bats becomes immoral. It is so easy to find exclusion devices on pest stores.

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