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How to keep squirrels out of your attic

Having squirrels in your attic is a real problem, because once they arrive, it is difficult to get rid of them. However, in a good way, we do not want anything to happen to these small defenseless animals. We just want to prevent them from entering our home, as they can cause certain problems. It is on this note that we will show you some steps or recommendations that you can use to prevent these small guests from entering our attics.

Keep the penthouse clean
Many people use the space of their attics to do different things which includes preservation of food or food items. It is always a good option to keep the penthouse clean, especially getting rid of food since food or it's scraps reaches your attic at most times. It is important that this area is free of any food that may attract to these rodents. They like many foods like: nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, fruits such as apples, peas, grapes, insects as grasshoppers, worms, corn, nuts, Sunflowers and hazelnuts. Also you can try not to keep things that would make them feel comfortable to make their burrows. Dark and hollow places can be very attractive for them, avoid having empty boxes, boats, among others.

Close your attic
This is a very effective option, if you do it well. Although it can be a bit complicated depending on the design, but try and keep your attic closed. If there is any cavity for the squirrels to access, try to seal it. Always emember that the size of a squirrel's head on average is about 3-6cm. If you have a hole with a size equal or greater, squirrels will find it very easy to enter, since their bodies are very flexible, do not forget the vents

In case they are already inside
If this is the case, closing your attic at that time will not be a good idea. This is why you should make sure all the squirrels can come out completely, before closing your attic completely. You can leave a single open space. You should put a kind of funnel, which you can make with a mesh, preferably wire. You wind it up and form a cone, then place it in the opening, with the hole of the cone narrower on the outside, this way the squirrels will not be able to re-enter.

Try to catch them
There are many ways to catch a squirrel without hurting it. You can buy a trap in a hardware store, or in some great store for animals. Be careful when choosing the trap, because if it is very large you can cause a lot of stress to the squirrel, and end up hurting her, you do not want that to happen. A trap with a size of about 16x16x46cm would be fine. Once you have your trap, put it in a strategic place. Remember the corners, dark places or under a table, everything depends on the design that has your attic. Do not place it in very wide spaces.

Bring them to the trap, with food
If you want to have a more effective trap, you can attract the squirrels with their favorite foods. As mentioned before there are many foods that these rodents can eat, among these fruits are bananas, apples, tomatoes, nuts, acorns, peanuts, crackers, salty bread and peanut butter, amongst others.

What to do with squirrels after capturing them?
If it is within your means, try to carry the squirrel away from your home. Places like a forest, some park, or just as far as possible would be better as long as it is a place with abundant vegetation and large trees, wherever they can to follow their lives peacefully. It is important that before you do so, make sure that the law allows you to do so, you do not want a fine. When releasing squirrels use gloves. Squirrels can bite if they are stressed or scared. If there are squirrel babies, you should make sure they stay with their mother.

Other alternatives
In the market there is a lot of products to get rid of different types of animals, and surely you will find some to deal with squirrels. Today there are urine-based substances from some predators of squirrels. Spraying in strategic places, they will instinctively flee their attic, because they will feel threatened. You may also find other chemicals "harmless", although less recommended. Another way is to use sounds that annoy and keep away the squirrels. It is known that these rodents have a hearing system much more acute and sensitive than that of humans; you can use a radio or a speaker and leave it in your attic, you can tune in to a radio station. If you find it a bit annoying to have the radio on all the time, you can try out a high frequency emitter, specialized to keep squirrels away and imperceptible to the human ear.

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