How to Kill Wildlife - 8 Tips to keep pigeons away

8 Tips to keep pigeons away

Pigeons are the most common wandering birds. They love to roost on rooftops and balconies of the houses. At times, they present a very pleasing sight. But they have equal tendency to offend their host due to their droppings. Off course, white poo of the birds hanging on walls or contaminating other household items, never appeals to the aesthetics. Further, pigeon wastes carry many parasites that have potential health hazards. All these reasons make these birds an unwanted species of the words. That’s why people look for tips and tricks to prevent pigeons from hovering over their houses. Getting rid of irritating pests like pigeons is not difficult; the task can be accomplished by following few easy steps.

1. Use spike strips
Pigeons look for comfortable roosting places. Make arrangements to snatch such spots from them. The best way is to cover their smooth resting places with spiky surfaces. In this way they don’t find it easy to settle and go away. One can also use a piece of slippery cloth or some hard edged toy to make it impossible for pigeons to sit on particular places.

2. Use sloped sheathings at windows
Pigeons can’t easily fit their claws on the sloped surfaces. They also love to sit on the bottom edges of window panes. In summers, lower sides of windows are their favourite spot; this place can be secured through installation of sloped sheathing. Pigeons can’t maintain a well-balanced posture on sloped surfaces. Hence, they think to fly off towards some other places. It is pertinent to mention that angle of slop also matters a lot. It should not be 90 degree making it easy for pigeons to balance their bodies. Usually, 40 degrees and sixty degrees slope installed on window bottoms is enough.

3. Use a scary hawk
Animals and birds always fear their predators. Pigeon is the one of the favourite prey for hawk. If you can’t arrange for a real predator then consider buying a toy. Man such hawks are available on toy stores and pest shops. Once these toys go in air, there is nothing that can stop pigeons to catch fear. Make sure that you don’t keep any hawk at one place. Pigeons have got very strong insight. They can easily detect an fake object. So, keep on changing the place of hawk and make it hover in different directions, over your roof top.

4. Use water spray
Many birds and animals are hydrophobic up to certain extent. They can’t withstand the pressure of water at all. Hence, one effective way to shove away the pigeons is by using a water spray. In case you have few pigeons who don’t frequent your house, then using water spray is a good tactic. For too many pigeons that is not easy to administer the large quantity of water.

5. Create a reflection
Install windowpanes that have strong reflective properties. Or build your windows in a way that sunlight reflects and creates a strong prismatic effect. Pigeons can’t stand high reflection and hence move to another place. Further, they also like cool, shady and damp place. Higher reflection makes an area hot and hence intolerable. Reflection can be created through installation of some secondary mirror as well.

6. Cut the food supply
Make sure that your lawn doesn’t have any grass, seeds or other such things that act as food. If you have habit of leaving grains or other such food items in garage, then lift them up. Many times, pigeon go after the food and hence contaminate the area with the biological by-product of same meal.

7. Cover any shades
Spaces in windows, on top of doors, balconies and under the Air conditioner are ideal spots for pigeons. At times, they keep on roosting there for entire day. It is highly recommended to cover such places with clothes, sheets and wire gauzes. They simply discourage pigeons to make any nests.

8. Make a bird house
If you think that closing all the doors for pigeons is too inhumane, then consider a more humane way, one good thing is to provide an alternate to them in the form of a bird house. If you lawn has too many trees, then consider building a bird house of cardboards; this would keep you engaged in a healthy activity. Further bird houses present very aesthetically appealing sights. They are just a way to compliment the décor of a house. You can hire the services of a pro or use DIY to make a good bird house for pigeons.

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