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How to Get Rid of Bats

Despite their harmless nature, bats are typically classified as a pest species due to their habit of staying in houses and man-made buildings. This is especially true for bats which belong to the colonizing kind. Among the most common complaints of people with bats aside from its habit of living in house attics and chimneys are the odor of its droppings and its flies around the building or house once it gets in. This is why property owners take special measures once bats are found inside their properties. Killing animals is never a good thing, even for bats. So if you’re thinking of getting traps to use as method of getting the bats out of your house it’s not a very good idea since it will risk of getting the bats killed. Also, most likely if there are bats in your house by now they have come in colonies of thousands and using traps won’t be able to get all of them. At the end of the day prevention this is why exclusion is still the best way to get them out of your property then proceed with further prevention that they will come back.

Before thinking of the best method in getting the bats out of your property do a research first of the laws and regulations in your local area when it comes to bats. For most states, bats belong to a protected species and it is illegal to kill and harm them. To avoid getting yourself in trouble make sure you do your research first. Bats have their role in the environment too so do not attempt to kill them just to get them out of your house. Through exclusion, the bats will give the bats the chance to exit your house or building safely and will disable them to come back in as long as the process is done properly and other entry points are sealed.

Bats in the Attic
The attic is number one place in the house where bats use as a hideout during the day. This is especially true for female bats that need to find a cozy and warm place to raise their pups. In doing the removal of bats yourself the first step is always to find their entry points. You have to find how they are able to get in and out of the attic. These entry points are usually small holes in some corner of the attic so it can get tricky to find them. Look carefully. Once you find them, seal them up but leave the primary entry point temporarily. The next step is to install the exclusion device at the primary entry points. These exclusion devices will allow the bats to exit but will not be able to enter back again through the same entry point. It is crucial that you get a good quality exclusion device to secure that the bats won’t be able to get back in. Once the bats are out of the area you can now seal up the primary entry points as well.

Bats in the Chimney
Bats that choose to hang around your chimney expose you to health risks due to their guano. And when you use your chimney and light a fire on it the bats might escape into your house exposing your family members to possible risks. Bats that stay in chimneys naturally leave in the colder seasons and when this happens you can close in the cracks or put a mesh barrier over the main opening to avoid them from coming back during the warner seasons. However, if you don’t want to wait for the colder season or you live in a place with warm climate then you will need to once again get an exclusion device. Again, make sure that you wait before all the bats are out of the chimney before you close it.

Bats in the Walls
Probably the most difficult situation to deal with is when bats infest your walls. You have to check your walls very well to be able to find all entry and exit points and this can take some time to accomplish. Once you seal up the secondary exit points you can seal them up and proceed with the installation of the exclusion device.

Contact a Professional
If you think that you can handle the job in getting the bats out of your property yourself then good for you. However, if you are unsure of what to do and how to do it, it is highly advised that you contact professionals to do the job. They are trained for the job and has the experience with all types of situation related to the task.

What to Expect from the Professionals
Once you get in touch with the professionals they will run an inspection of your property to check how bad the infestation is. They will then asses what method is best to use to solve the problem so that it won’t be a recurring situation. Professionals will never suggest harming or killing the bats because they know the role bats play in the ecosystem.

Health Risks Caused by Bats
Having bats in your home or building can expose your family or perhaps employees to many health risks. These are some of the diseases that bats may cause:
• Rabies
• Fungal disease
• Parasite carries
• ABLV Infection

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