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How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons can cause a tremendous discomfort to the humans. To ensure that the pigeons do not cause disturbances, getting rid of them is the only solution. There are so many ways of ensuring that pigeons are away from our homes and cities. The ways of doing away with pigeons can be friendly or unfriendly to the environment. As we know birds are part of the environment, killing or destroying them is unlawful and one may face legal law if found destroying them. There are more friendly ways of ridding them, these ways are certified by the Wildlife authorities and are humane. Although the birds may be a big problem, alternative ways are available to use, these ways ensure that the birds do not get extinct.

Alternative Ways of Getting Rid of Pigeons.
The following are the alternatives recommended keeping way pigeons from our homes without destroying them;

Maintaining Clean Environment
Pigeons are known to flock in an unclean environment in search of food, and a place to build their shelters. The birds are attracted to waste foodstuffs such as grains, fruits, and cooked food particles. Areas, where food is disposed, are their suitable location for roosting, this is because they are assured of sufficient food for themselves and their young ones. Constantly cleaning these waste food bins will discourage them from staying around, rather they will fly to other places where they can easily find food.

Controlling their Roosting Places.
You can control their roosting places by covering the site with wires, nets or sheets to prevent them from accessing the place. This is the best alternative to ensure that they move away from your homestead without getting hurt. Alternatively, to covering the place, you can make it unsuitable for them by slanting the area.

Use of Bird Strips
Bird strips to be used can be spikes or anti bird nettings. The nets are placed to cover the entire homestead to prevent any pigeon from getting in. The spikes can also be located around the homestead parameter to prevent the birds from landing and eventually roosting on them. This method is cheaper and does not cause harm to the birds.

Use of a Scare Structure
The scare structures can be designed in the form of their predators. The most common pigeon’s’ predators are the flying hawks. These models that resemble their predators will drive them away from the place.

This is the most commonly used method of getting rid of pigeons. Trapping methods can be both humane and inhumane. In choosing the trapping method it is important to ensure that the birds are protected according to the wildlife laws. Once the pigeons have been trapped, they are disposed of away using several alternative methods. Some of the methods that are used are suitable and others are cruel.

Ways of Disposing of Trapped Pigeons
• A friendly way of disposing of trapped pigeons is taking them to a faraway distance and then setting them free. Although this method is legal and humane, it is ineffective. It is only effective when the trapped pigeons had only roosted for a short while in that location, otherwise, if they had stayed for a very long time then they will find their way back.
• Alternatively, the trapped birds can be killed by using a gun. This is an effective method of ensuring that the pigeons do not cause more nuisance. However, the method is inhumane and against the laws governing wildlife existence. Notably, the method can only be used when all the humane methods and with the permit of the wildlife authorities.
• Using poisonous chemicals is another method of ridding off the pigeons. The poisons are placed in their roosting area or alongside baiting grains. This method is not the best since, you may end up poisoning your pets and domestic animals, and in addition, disposing of large numbers of dead pigeons is a hectic work.

Unadvisable Ways of Getting Rid of Pigeons
The illegal and inhumane methods of getting rid of pigeons are considered the most effective ways. Therefore most people would prefer these methods to the humane methods which are less effective. The methods may be effective but they are not advisable, this is because they cause mass death of pigeons, and continuous use will eventually lead to bird extinction and thus loss of biodiversity. The following are some of the illegal ways;

Use of Lethal Traps
Lethal traps include the use stupefying baits. The use of this method requires initial acquiring of permit or license from DEFRA. Currently, the use of this method has been discouraged by tightening up the rules of licensing. Before the introduction of strict systems, the method was excessively used. Stupefying baits are made of a poisonous chemical known as Alphachloralose which is mixed with the grains used for baiting. Once the bird ingests the substance, it induces stupor to it such that the bird is unable to fly or even move. Other lethal traps consist of death traps that kill the trapped pigeons. The use of live traps is suitable, but some people once they trap the pigeons, they kill them by using sharp pliers or simply strangling them with their hands.

Either the trapped birds are killed by firing at them one by one or the free pigeons can also be shot in their nests or when feeding. The shooting of the birds requires one to access permit from the police to be granted permission to use the gun, a license is also required from the wildlife control authorities. Shooting is majorly used for the smaller bird species and not the bigger ones since they require more sophisticated guns in order to kill them. It is an ineffective way to kill large flying flocks since the loud bang will drive away the rest of the birds.

Use of Birdlime
This is the oldest method that was used to trap and kill pigeons. Birdlime is simply a sticky latex that is used to capture birds, the latex is obtained from some specific trees that produce gum. The lime sticks to the bird's feathers, wings or legs, once the bird is stacked, it finds it hard to free itself, and from the struggle, it gets killed. Currently, the sale of this product is restricted and thus controlling bird deaths. In conclusion, suitable bird control measures should be adopted to improve the aesthetic value of our environment. We should embrace the existence of birds in our environment. The government should also provide strict rules that will control the illegal killing of birds.

How to kill pigeons

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