How to Kill Wildlife - Easy methods to get rid of Raccoons

Easy methods to get rid of Raccoons

As we know, Raccoons are quite destructive when they begin to live in the urban environment. This could cause several destructive problems to you as well as your neighborhood. One Raccoon is all it takes to bring problems all around the neighborhood. As known, Raccoons are mammals which are almost always hungry! They tend to save up enough body fat so that they can stay within shelter during winter. So due to this, they seek around for food, and then they witness houses with several garbage cans full of foods, bones and more of what they love to consume. Which is why we brought this article to you, continue reading to find out how you can get rid of Raccoons that may be causing trouble to you or may cause trouble in the future.

Inspect and repair
If there are no holes or spaces around your house, then it is impossible for a Raccoon to come inside, however, if your house consists of holes, then it is recommended that you patch these holes up as soon as possible, for this is the first best way to stop them from entering your house.

Set traps
There are several cages that have been manufactured just for the purpose of trapping Raccoons that cause you trouble. This cage comes with a trigger pan, where you lure the Raccoon into the cage by setting up a path of marshmallows or white bread directly to the cage, once the Raccoon walks in, this pan triggers and shuts the cage, which traps the Raccoon inside. Yet, before setting this cage, it is important to make sure that the cage is not wobbly, nor would it cause any harm to these animals. Remember, harming animals is not tolerated, if done so then you are responsible for these actions. So make sure, anything you do is done safely.

This is the next best way, to keep Raccoons from entering your yard in the first place. Consider building some fences around your house and yard to keep Raccoons away. Once you have these fences up, you would not have any further trouble from these animals.

Repellents and more
There are several repellents that are produced to keep Raccoons away. However, these products can be of great danger to Raccoons as well as to the young ones in your house or neighbourhood. One should first consider the surroundings and people before making use of these products, these sprays do not work but only causes harm. Some ingredients used to manufacture these products may cause skin infections or other infections and diseases if dealt with skin or breathing. So it is highly recommended to not use these types of products, remember harming animals is not tolerated. Also it is illegal.

Certain types of traps that are of no good
There are certain types of traps that are used in order to kill these Raccoons when captured. Two of these traps are namely; Body Grip Traps and Paw hold traps.

Body Grip Traps
These are known to be like giant rat traps. They are of several types with the most common double spring loaded conibear traps. These traps are mostly used by old-time fur trappers. They are set over an area that Raccoon’s move, such as over a hole which leads to the attic, when sprung, it snaps down on the animal and kill it by choking or crushing. However, this is not recommended at all. This is only for discussion purposes, so you know to keep away from using such traps. As I mentioned above, harming animals is not tolerated at all. Please ensure the animals safety before trying anything.

Paw Hold Traps
This is another trap which is only used for those who perform nuisance wildlife removal service. These traps clamp down on an animal’s paw and hold onto it, basically a small snapping clamp device which is staked down with the use of certain methods. When the Raccoon is trapped, the trapper usually shoots and kills it. Again, this is only for discussion purpose, none of this is recommended to do, it is best you don’t try these two methods for it will only cause a lot of harm and severe pain to the animals. This article will help you with how to trap Raccoons, however, remember to not use these final two methods as they are only for discussion purposes. Raccoons or any other animals are only looking for food and refuge. They do not have a mind of their own, nor do they think like us human beings, so remember not to cause any harm to these innocent creatures. Use natural and simple yet safe methods to keep Raccoons away. We highly encourage those who would cause no harm to these animals. Remember that you are responsible if any harm is caused by these animals during trapping etc.

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