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How to trap a Squirrel

Squirrels are active rodents and are extremely fast in reacting when they doubt any sort of threat or risk. They can climb and jump over trees, wires, walls, attics and other much more. However if you try to catch a squirrel, then remember that if it bites you, the bite can go as deep to the bone itself, so it is recommended that you wear thick pair of gloves to protect yourself first.

How to handle a squirrel
Before we begin on how to catch a squirrel, it is important to know how to handle one.
- Squirrels are very active, so do not give it any scope to escape.
- Give very less space of freedom as you approach it.
- Prefer to make ground work for creating an enclosed space, so that the squirrel has less chances to escape.
- Wear thick gloves just in case it tries to bite you.
- Hold the head and the neck firmly and make sure that the grip is steady enough.
- Avoid holding the tail, as you may lose control, since its fur is very soft and glossy and may slip through your hands.
- One of the legal methods to trap squirrel
This legal method is to build a one way door such that the squirrel enters and cannot leave. Such devices can be built by the materials in your home. This is not only a legal method but also a humane.

1. How to target the correct creature
One problem that most amateurs encounter is that they set a trap and catch non-target animals instead of the animal that is really causing the problem. This isn’t often the common case with squirrels. The best way to get the squirrels is to set the trap on the roof close to the entry points. Setting a repeater trap on the exit holes can ensure to completely capture the target.

2. Investigate
Look around your house for any loop holes, or spaces that squirrels use in order to enter your home. As you find these holes, seal or patch them all except for the primary one, which you can use in order to trap them. This leaves the squirrel with only one entry point.

3. Place the trap
Place the trap on the other end of the entry point. This will ensure that the squirrel gets trapped inside and cannot come back out. This is the best way to catch the squirrel as they are known to be very curious creatures.

4. Close the cage door
Once you notice that the squirrel is trapped inside make sure you rush as soon as possible and close the cages door. Which would prevent it from escaping through the door. Once the door is closed and secured, remove the trap from where it is attached slowly.

5. Release the trapped squirrel
By release, I don’t mean release it outside your house again, make sure you take this squirrel along with you in your vehicle to a far distance, and then release it somewhere into the wild or the trees that you come across, this would ensure that the squirrel has no idea of how to come back to your home. Which is by far the best way to avoid squirrels from coming back into your home.

Live trap
Live tram means that you trap the squirrel in a humane way without causing any harm to it or killing it. But instead you are trying to stop its existence in your residing area by trapping it alive and releasing it somewhere far away from your place. This is a device that has one or two doors with which you can trap the rodents alive. As known it is dangerous to deal with squirrels without protection. So it is best to trap them with these devices. However to get the squirrel to come, you need the proper bait. Once the squirrel enters the cage it automatically closes and the squirrel remains trapped.

Squirrel Bait
You can get a trap pain in the pesticide market, using this you can spread peanut butter and a few whole peanuts to stick over like a shell. Make sure you stick some peanuts both in front and behind the pan to lure the squirrel in. This is also another most successful squirrel baits. These are the few methods that you can use to trap squirrels and get rid of your problems. Remember that any harm caused to these animals or creatures are not tolerated. Any harm caused to these innocent creatures is under your responsibility. So remember to keep yourself as well as these creatures safe during any of these process.

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