How to Kill Wildlife - 7 natural tips to prevent house mice

7 natural tips to prevent house mice

Pests like house mice become a migraine when they invade homes and damage property. They don’t even hesitate to enter the kitchen pantry and steal food. Mice have a crucial role to play in ecosystem; but they become trouble when they share space with human beings. People whose houses are infested with mice often look for ways to get rid of them. Well, the process is not difficult at all. Luckily, battle of human being with mice to occupy the same space is not as tough as in case of insects. It only requires a handful of strategic techniques to show the mice a way out. While tackling the mice problem, one should not let go the ethical side of procedure. Killing mice in an attempt to get rid of them is not at all humane. Making a house purged of disturbing rodents is possible without their extermination. Here is a guide how to prevent house against mice infestation with these simple steps.

1. Properly clean your house
Mice have very strong senses. They are capable of feeling food from miles away. Floors filled with spots and morsels readily invite mice to occupy a space. It is highly recommended keep your house clean. During cleaning process, one should make sure that no food particles or related stains remain there.

2. Use of peppermint oil
Peppermint oil is the best natural deterrent to keep the mice away. The intense smell of natural peppermint oil acts as the best rodent repellent ever. The oil is natural and much better from chemicals and synthetic resins in terms of impact. It is also non-toxic and harmless for kids as well. The good thing is that peppermint oil imparts a pleasant odour to house while masking scent of morsels left during cleaning. Mechanism of using peppermint oil is quite simple. One just needs to soak a cotton piece in one or two drops of this oil. Peppermint oil should be kept in entry places and near the garbage store. It is also prudent to grow a peppermint plant near entry points. Cotton should be replaced after 5-7 days, but it all depends upon quantity of oil and level of infestation.

3. Ultrasonic sounds
Thanks to technology that we have got devices that can repel mice. Devices that beep with ultrasonic sounds can do a magic. There are certain sounds that rodents simply hate. Use of ultrasonic sound emitting devices requires much care. First, one should make sure to install specific device in the line of sight, or on path that mice use the most. Second, consistent use of such devices must be avoided; this is because with the passage of time mice become addicted to the sounds. After becoming immune they don’t get betrayed so easily.

4. Use of organic deterrent
Pest experts highly discourage the use of chemicals and synthetic products to get rid of mice. Using such products requires much care and they must be kept away from the reach of children. Organic deterrents that are made on commercial level serve as the best option. As mentioned above the one organic deterrent is the peppermint oil. There are dozens of such natural products available on health stores. Choosing commercial products, gives an ease of use. For example, spraying the medicines is easier than keeping a soaked cotton piece.

5. Use of snake faeces
Snakes are very common predators of mice; this is the reason why they fear them most. Placing snake faeces on places that are most visited by the mice is good prevention technique. Getting snake poo is not difficult at all; it is easily available in zoos, in reptile laboratories and with the persons who pet the snakes. In the same way one can use cat litter as well. Traditional enmity of rodents with cat is more common than snake.

6. Use natural fences
Create natural barriers on the entry points of mice. Closely examine any places that have cervices or spaces. Caulk such places for creating barriers, so that entry of mice can be stopped. Before you move ahead to seal the spaces, make sure that mice are out; because they have great biting and chewing ability. Making their way by cutting and chewing the cardboard is not a big deal for them.

7. Use humane trap
There are many commercial and home-made humane traps that once capture the rodents and bar the exit point. Once, you capture the mice, take the trap to a far off place; leave the mice there. It is better to throw mice in woods, because they can easily inhabit such places.

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