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How to Kill Pests - Mouse Removal Information

How to Kill Mice

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How to Kill a Mouse
First, let’s say right off that no one wants to see a mouse anywhere in their home, yard or garage. However, depending upon where you reside, it is probably a foregone conclusion that in time, you will see a mouse or two and will want to make sure that you get rid of the unwanted pets and also make sure that they do not return to your home. With that said there are many different ways to kill a mouse or just to keep it from coming into your home in the first place.

Keep Them Out
To keep the mouse from entering into your home, in the first place, it is important to deny them the very things that we, as humans, need for survival; namely, food, shelter and water. The shelter is, of course, our homes. We expect to live with other family members and perhaps some pets, but mice are not usually wanted in a person’s home. To keep them from getting into your home in the first place, take the time to go outside and review all areas of your home, the perimeter where a mouse can gain entry. Any type of small hole in the foundation or siding can help a mouse gain entry. Caulk these areas to be sure that you have all outside holes completely covered. Next, take some time to look inside your home. Mice can enter into your home through plumbing and around pipes, etc. It is important to make sure that all openings in and around the pipes are closed off, or filled in with concrete to close off all entry points into your home.

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Humane Traps
There are ways to kill a mouse that are horrible and ways to kill one that are more humane, or at least trap one to release to the outdoors. A humane mouse trap will most likely be a traditional mouse trap that will sometimes not kill the mouse but trap it by the tail. If this occurs and the mouse survives, you will be able to release it outside. However, most homeowners will find that other body parts of the mouse are trapped and that it has died in the trap. Another way to get rid of a mouse is to set out little containers of cola, soda pop. Some mice are pretty tricky to catch via the traditional mouse trap, but most mice will drink the cola because they just love things that are sweet. Once the mice drink the pop, they will die from the buildup of the carbonation within their bodies because, unlike humans, cannot burp out the bubbles.

Sticky Traps
There are different types of glue or sticky traps that will trap the mouse and allow you to pick up the trap and dispose of the mouse and trap altogether. However, these glue traps can lead to ghastly scenes as sometimes a mouse will try to get free from the glue and a leg may come off, etc. This is a nasty way for the mouse to perish, but is most likely better than the use of a poison in your home.

There are different poisons that can be used on the mice that you can see in your home, even if you see only mouse droppings. Droppings can indicate where the mice have been even if you do not actually see a mouse yourself. Poison works on the mouse rather quickly, and most likely the mice will try to head to a water supply source because the poison tends to make them thirsty. However, poison is and should be something to be used as a last result. Using a poison can be difficult, especially if you have a pet in your home. You do not want your pet to come into contact with the poison so actually using a poison should be the final act in your attempts to get rid of the mice altogether. If poison remains your only and last choice, consider letting a professional pest control company come in, especially if you are seeing evidence of more than one mouse in your house. The professionals can take care of the problem, using something that will not harm other animals or humans in your home.

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