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Wildlife Education - A Directory of Qualified Wildlife Removal Professionals

About Me

My name is David. I am a wildlife removal specialist. I started my career in 2001, & am based in Florida.

Over the years, I have met and spoken with hundreds of other wildlife operators throughout the United States. We have shared many ideas and refined our techniques over time. I have also personally trained several close friends and even family who I knew were capable of being great wildlife removal experts, and they have now started their own businesses in different cities.

On this website, you will find hundreds of excellent, qualified wildlife removal professionals, serving over 500 different US cities and towns, covering 98% of the US population. Just click map on my home page to find a pro in your area.

Do I like to kill animals? Absolutely not! Never. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do not kill any of the nuisance wildlife that I deal with, except in very specific circumstances, such as follows:
  • An animal has a debilitating disease, such as rabies, it will not recover, and it poses a health risk to other animals or people.
  • An animal has a serious injury that will not heal, and it needs to be put down humanely rather than suffer.
  • Rat and mouse control - sorry, there is no practical way to perform humane rat or mouse control - even if you merely evict, as opposed to kill, the rodents, they will die once stuck outside.
I wrote this website, because many people perform a search for "how to kill a [animal]" when they are seeking out a way to solve a conflict with that animal. In most cases, in pretty much all cases, it's a lot easier to solve the problem without killing the animal. Just catch it in a live cage trap, stick it in your car or truck, drive it somewhere else, and release it. Okay, it's actually not that simple. Rarely. In fact, wildlife control is not an easy field, and every case is different. If you have animals living somewhere in a house, such as the attic, trapping an animal or two outside will never solve the problem.

The most important information I can convey on this website is that you should never, ever poison a wild animal. It's illegal, it rarely works, it can kill dogs and cats, and it can make animals suffer. And it won't actually solve the animal problem. It does, in some cases, lead to dead animals in your house or on your property, which is a different problem altogether. And it's just a chickenshit coward way to approach an animal problem.

If you want to solve an animal problem correctly, you can email me directly for advice, or better yet, talk to one of my friends in your home town. Just go to my National Wildlife Control directory, which lists experts who I recommend in every USA city and town who can help you with your unwanted wildlife issue.

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