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How to Kill Pests - Rat Removal Information

How to Kill Rats

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How to Kill Rats
Rats are those naughty little rodents you had always wanted to get rid of. Their ability to reproduce rapidly makes the process even more difficult for you. To help you out here are a few ways by which you can keep them at bay. Before using these methods, you should make sure that you seal all possible exits of rats. This would restrict the entry of more rats in your house which can simply wreak havoc in your life.

Snap traps
These are one of the best and most effective ways to catch rat. The greatest related advantage is that these can be re-used and hence are cost effective as well. They can fit well into most of the rat’s hiding places which you otherwise considered inaccessible. Well you can pull out them by their tails now and have them killed instantly as opposed to poison. All you have to do is set the trap by a bait which is their food and to which they’ll surely be attracted. Once they’re caught they can be removed easily. If however you are new to it, you should be extra careful while using them as they can hurt at times. Also make sure that all the nooks and crannies have been well sealed so that your efforts are not wasted by a new breed replacing the old ones.

Glue traps
These do not work that well as they are more effective for catching rat fur or footprints since rats generally escape the glues of these traps. But rats are smart enough and most of the times you may find these glue traps empty. Also since they are one time use they are pretty expensive. These can be used to catch the smaller rats. Even when they do work the rats suffers a lot before dying so this is not at all humane way of killing them.

Cage traps
These are simple to use and truly harmless but it’s very difficult to catch rats using them. Moreover, there is a possibility that the trapped rat may chew up the cage and escape.

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Other types of traps
These include a water trap into which the rats fall and drown. Also there are small traps available that electrocute rats. And finally cats are the best enemies of rats, so why not use them to our advantage.

Laser guns
These tiny guns have special motion tracking and heat seeking capability which release very high intensity light and its high temperature causes the rat to vaporize instantly. The drawback however is that they are more imaginary than real. Since they breed rapidly there are a lot of them in the environment and you can’t possibly keep aiming at those hundreds of rats to get them killed.

This method can be used if the rats enter your living space. An air rifle works best for this purpose. After a chase when the rat hides at some place and is completely still you cannot grab it by its tail but you can definitely shoot it using a rifle.

It is the worst ever way to kill a rat. Ironically this method works the best but be sure that it is not as good as it looks, and there are a number of reasons to believe this. First of all the rat will die wherever it eats the poison. This leads to the awful smell of dead rats. The various claims and false stories that poison makes the rat thirsty and will lead it out of your house should not be bought at all. Also the rat may not even eat it, or even if it does it may already have become resistant to it. Sometimes new rats may come in to eat the dead ones.

Poison can be harmful for your health as well to keep a rat poison at home. So clearly this just adds to your problem instead of alleviating it. Hence, poison should never be used to kill rats.

An important point to note here is that killing is certainly not the right solution to take care of the rising population of rats in your house and combating their attack on your stored food, clothes and other household objects. Killing is not only inhumane but can lead to some other problems as well. This might include a rat dying at a hidden place after consuming the poison and smell of rotten body forcing you to leave the house.

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