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How to Kill Pests - Rabbit Removal Information

How to Kill Rabbits

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How to Kill a Rabbit Rabbits are one of those animals that people consider to be cute, soft and very cuddly. Many children growing up have had a rabbit as a pet, perhaps obtained as a birthday present or as an Easter present, along with their Easter basket. Some people, though, have problems with rabbits coming into their yards eating plants from their gardens and causing other messes. A lot of people who see wild rabbits coming into their yards only want to get the rabbits to leave them alone and go elsewhere. To accomplish this, it will take some trial and error to learn how to keep the rabbits from getting into your yard, in the first place.

First, if the rabbit is coming into your yard and messing around in your vegetable garden there are some things that you can do. First, consider putting up some type of fencing around your garden to deter the rabbit from just having the easy access to your vegetables. This is important to try and keep them out of the area in the first place. Consider chicken wire which is very inexpensive and easy to put up. The chicken wire has smaller grids so that the rabbit cannot get into the area at all, and can be taken down at the end of the growing season.

Second, if you put up some type of fencing and notice that the little bunnies are still getting into your garden and nibbling on the leaves of your plants, there are some other options. Think about setting a trap in your garden which can then humanely catch the rabbit and allow you to set it free in another location. After all, who really cares what the rabbit does as long as it leaves your yard and garden alone? These traps are safe and will not hurt the rabbits.

Another method to use is one of the wild animal sprays on hand which can be put down around the perimeter of your garden. The companies that sell these products insist that there are smells coming from these products that while are not offensive to humans, will keep wild animals away from your yard. The only true way to tell is to purchase one and try it out for you. If your garden is really being eaten away, you have nothing to lose except for a little of your hard earned cash.

One of the newest items on the market to repel wild animals is the pop up covers that can be put over the plants. These covers have a strong mesh fabric that is reportedly unable to be chewed through and can be secured into the ground around the plants by some stakes. There is a front see through area that allows the gardener to unzip to take care of the plants while allowing the sun to come through for growing. The jury is still out on this item, but some individual’s report that this have worked really well for them in their own gardens. They look a little space aged but if they work, who really cares what they look like.

There are numerous other things to try out in your garden to try and get rid of the rabbits or to keep them from coming into your yard in the first place. However, after trying several different things, many homeowners get fed up with spending all of their money and time trying different things and decide to try and kill the rabbits. Certainly setting a trap for a rabbit can work which you can then terminate the rabbit permanently instead of releasing into the wild, only to see it return to your home once again. Some people shoot the rabbits either with a gun or with a bow and arrow set. This should always be a very last result for a homeowner as it is undoubtedly messy and nasty to deal with. There should be ample time given to using humane methods to rid you of the rabbits rather than to just resort to killing them altogether.

However, there are other reasons to kill a rabbit and hunters may love the taste of rabbit meat and this is really another topic altogether.

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