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How to Kill Pests - Mole Removal Information

How to Kill Moles

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How to Kill a Mole

Moles can be a real nuisance especially if there is one in your home. They not only damage the garden and vegetation due to their excessive digging, but are also known to promote growth of weed. They do not eat the plants; however, their digging for worms causes a lot of damage to vegetation in the area. The biggest problem is that they do not stop after digging a tunnel for themselves. Instead, they keep on digging new tunnels and destroy the entire lawn in turn. Here are a few ways to kill the moles

Kill Traps
Kill traps are one of the most popular methods to kill the moles. They are easily available in the market and come in a number of different types and options. The most easily recognizable one is similar to that of a mouse snap trap which has a mechanical arm attached to a spring. As soon as the mole steps on the trigger, the mechanical arm catches it. The mole is killed due to extreme pressure. This can be placed on an entry or exit point used by the mole. Another kill trap used to eliminate the moles has metal spikes in it. Popularly known as the Plunger mole traps, it has a series of spikes and a powerful spring. The device is inserted on the top of the tunnel. Once the mole passes through the device, spring energy is released which in turn injects the spikes in the body of animal from the top.

Water can be used to flood the tunnel used by mole and kill it in turn. Experts do not have a set opinion on the effectiveness of this method. A few believe this can kill the mole while others believe that it is effective only to drive it away. All you need to do is to insert a water hose in tunnel opening and turn on the water flow at full speed. The important thing to understand here is that excessive water can damage the lawn as well. You must; therefore, be very careful and ensure that water is turned off before it is too late.

Kill Using a Shovel
This is the most basic way to kill a mole. The first thing that you need to do is to identify an active tunnel used by the mole. Observe carefully to find a small area with little moment. This is a sign of a mole digging at the place. Use your shovel to hit it hard a few times. The blow is usually enough to kill the mole. Wait and observe for a few minutes to ensure that there is no further moment. You can also insert the shovel with force at the place where there is moment. This would cut the animal in half, killing it in process.

Gas Bombs
This is a really effective method of killing the moles. Carbon monoxide is used in the bombs which is quite deadly. All you need to do is drop the bond in the tunnel. Remember to go through the instructions carefully in order to ensure effective and safe usage.

Poison is a completely ineffective tool to kill the moles. There area number of option available in the market in the form of spray and capsules. Put the capsules in the tunnel or spray the liquid in and around it for maximum effect. Use of poison is certainly the worst method of killing a mole. It is not only a cruel one but can also harm your pet animals and even small children in the house. The best way to get rid of a mole is to catch and relocate it at a far off place. The best way is to insert the mole trapping tube in the tunnel. It is a tube made of plastic with lids on either side. These can be pushed inwards but not in the opposite direction. This means, while moving the mole would push its way into the trap but would not be able to leave on its own. Carefully take out the trap and release the mole at a far off place. There are also a number of repellents available in the market that can be effectively used to keep them away from the lawn.

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