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How to Kill Pests - Skunk Removal Information

How to Kill Skunks

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How to Kill a Skunk
Skunks can be real pests sometimes, and sometimes this may lead you to wonder how to get rid of them. If you have a skunk that you absolutely have to get rid of and feel that killing it is the best option, there are several ways to do it, some that work well and some that do not work so well.

Of course, one of the simplest ways to kill a skunk (or any other pest for that matter) is to shoot it. Almost any type of gun will work, and if the skunk is shot with the tail down it may even be prevented from spraying. This can be done with the skunk roaming free but is much easier when the skunk is in a trap. One problem with this method, though, is that shooting firearms may be illegal where you live, so you should look up your local laws to ensure your legal safety.

Another method for killing a skunk is poisoning it. This may seem like a convenient, easy solution, but there are several drawbacks to using poison that must be considered.

First, poison is unselective. Anything that eats the poison will die, whether it is the skunk, your pet dog, or the neighbor’s three-year old son. Because of the poison’s unselective characteristics, it is a very bad choice for trying to kill skunks.

Second, the skunk may not eat the poison. Assuming the poison id left alone long enough for the skunk to find it, the skunk may decide not to consume the poison. This makes the poison an ineffective means of getting rid of skunks.

Third, the poison may not work as intended, if at all. The skunk may have a resistance to the poison, or even if it does not, it may eat the poison then go on about its business, dying in a hard-to-reach or unknown area, leaving you with a decaying skunk body you can’t get rid of. This makes poison an even worse option for killing skunks.

Finally, poison is illegal in many areas. Because of the dangers involved with using poison, it is outlawed in many places, meaning it is unwise to use it for fear of legal trouble. This means that poisoning a skunk, while seeming like a good idea, is actually not a good option at all.

Another method for killing skunks is using traps. Live traps are available, but there are also several types of traps designed to kill skunks and other pests. It is important to select the right kind of trap for skunks as well as the right kind of bait to attract skunks.

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The selection of trap type is the first important step in trapping skunks. Some traps may not kill the skunk while others will kill it but cause it to spray also. You should carefully research and select an appropriate type of trap to kill skunks to prevent problems.

The other important thing to consider when preparing skunk traps is the choice of bait. Skunks will eat anything, so any type of bait will serve to attract skunks. However, fruit or vegetable baits do have advantages and disadvantages when compared to meat or fish baits. Fruits or vegetables will not smell as strongly, meaning the skunks may not be as likely to find or approach the trap. However, fruit or vegetable baits are less likely to attract other animals, such as pets. This allows the traps to be more selective, but is not always completely sure-fire.

Traps may be a viable solution for killing skunks, but must be considered very carefully so as to kill the skunk while sparing everything else.

An option for those who have a live trap but do not wish to shoot the skunk afterwards is drowning it. After catching the skunk in a trap, take it to a large body of water and submerge the trap until the skunk is drowned. This will kill the skunk and may prevent it from spraying if you are careful and take your time moving around the skunk. This method is fairly risky, though, as the skunk may not drown or may spray before it is in the water.

All of these are potentially viable ways to kill skunks, if the need arises. However, it may be better not to kill the skunk at all. It may be a pest, but with some work you can keep it from disturbing you by using exclusion methods. Also, if you trap the skunk live, you can relocate it, preventing it from being a problem anymore.

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