How to Kill Wildlife - Keeping the skunk out the easy way

Keeping the skunk out the easy way

Skunks can be extremely problematic at times. They come into your yard and dig holes. Their mist also lingers for days.

If a skunk is in your yard or worse yet your home this can prove to be very problematic. You definitely do not want your child or dog to go close to the furry smell skunk. That scent just does not leave. Additionally, skunks carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans upon contact. If you have a skunk in you have a skunk in your yard you need to remove it. Early removal is very important so as to prevent the spread of diseases. Use must always be cautious when removing a skunk. You do not want to be spread.

What attracts skunks?
Before you keep a skunk out you need to make sure you work on the two major skunk attractants. These animals are cunning. They seize every opportunity to get that available food that may be present in your yard. It could be left overs in the garbage or you animals food left hanging around the place. They can supplement various types of foods. They take comfort beneath your decking or under the porch. These spots provide the perfect nesting area.

Keeping skunks out
There are a few simple things that you can do to keep skunks out of your yard or home.

Take care of the Yard
Firstly it is very important that you store your pet’s food properly. You may try securing it in cans or storage containers. This will lessen the smell of the food and make it more difficult for the skunk or any other animal to access. If you have fruit trees you need to regularly clean the yard. Be sure to clean up those leaves and fruits that have fallen to the floor. Planting pumpkin can also be a wise choice since skunks find it difficult to get to deal with.

Along with the above tip for the yard it is also very important that you create a fence between your garden and that intruder. This fence should be positioned a few feet into the earth. This helps to stop them from digging under the fence and getting to the garden. You can also place barb wire at the bottom of the fence to add great resistance. Skunks hate this. Sometimes you may just need to make proper repairs to your existing fence. Block those present holes and try adding the barbwire if there is none present.

Natural home remedies
There are more things that can be done around the house to keep skunks away.

Bright Lights
Skunk operate mostly at night. They are nocturnal creatures, thus their eyes react poorly to light. Bright lights have been proven to be one of the best methods used to get rid of skunks. Try installing motion sensor type lights. Additionally, if there is that specific place where a skunk likes to loiter in your garden position a light in this location.

Use citrus
Skunks hate the smell of citrus as do many other animals. You can position citrus peels throughout your yard. This will function as a natural skunk repellent. Whenever a skunk smells the citrus it hesitates before entering garden. You should make sure the citrus is placed around the edge of the yard. Also put some in those location that the skunk likes. It will quickly stop coming around.

Block holes
If there are skunks present under your home or the deck it is best for you to seal the holes. These areas are the best place for skunks to nest. You must make sure any opening found in these areas are properly blocked. You may want to use solid flash wire along with screening to correctly block the holes.

Trap the skunk
Trapping is said to be one of the best ways to get the rid of skunks. There are different types of traps. But the body-gripping type causes the least damage and is very effective. Many other types of traps can be very harmful or can kill the skunk. Regardless of the type of trap used you must ensure it is properly hidden. Always use fruit as bait to lower the skunk to the trap. You can also try positioning the trap inside a half opened garbage bin. Skunks are very problematic creatures. If you do not handle a skunk carefully you may find yourself being smelly for days.

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