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How to get rid of house mouse naturally

Dealing with problem of house mouse through natural means, is not much tricky process. Accomplishing the task of mouse prevention in homes can be done without exterminating them. The principle is very much simple. Mice need look for conditions, suitable to their needs. They make their way to any house. Victim whose house is mice infested, needs to make conditions unfit for pests and mission is complete. In one way, naturally getting rid of house mouse can be a preventive method; but it is equally curative in nature. Mice are categorized as rodents which follow very strong habits. Even, a small disruption in environment or surrounding can make them difficult to exist; a principle that goes in favour of house mouse prevention tricks. Process of house mice expulsion through natural means is quite easy and follows these below mentioned techniques.

1. Close all the entry and exit points
Hidings in any house are ideal place for a mouse. They not only provide them a home but also provide protection against predators. First step for getting rid of mice should involve looking for such hidings. The process is quite easy. Mice have no way to clean up the droppings, they leave on floor. Further, their urine has a very strong odour. By locating the passage of droppings one can get an insight about their entry points. In the next step, one should close the entry points by sealing them. Usually, caulking remains the best option.

2. Repair your house
In many areas, where two houses are joined together with one single wall, transfer of mice is quite possible. Most probably, it happens because there are gaps or holes in the walls. In the same way there can be small spaces between lower edge of doors and floors. It is necessary to control all such holes through a proper repairing method. As a precautionary measure, repair should be done via strong building material. Experts discourage the use of wood, because mice can easily chew them. Breaking the barriers is not a difficult task for them at all. Considering a quality construction material for repairing is way much necessary.

3. Seal the containers with eatables
What makes houses an ideal place for mice is the facility of accessing food instantly. Mice have strong sense to detect food. They love to steal food and store it in their nests. It is highly advised to properly seal all those containers that have grains, nuts and other food item. In case, such food cans are left open, they are likely to attract more rodents.

4. Use natural and organic repellents
There are many organic substances that can distract the mice. For example, peppermint oil acts as a strong irritant. Mice when smell it; they deem the area inappropriate for their residence and consider migrating. Positive aspect of organic substances is that they don’t have any side effects. Unlike synthetic chemicals and resins, use of organic substances doesn’t require much care. Further, such natural items, impart a good odour to entire home. Organic substances and peppermint oil can be obtained from any health store.

5. Use traps to capture mice
A huge variety of traps is available on pest stores to capture mice. These traps have specific features that users can select according to their requirements. It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that traps are the most customized method of preventing house mice. They provide users huge flexibility to treat mice in a desired way. In fact traps are also the most humane way of curing the mice infestation. One just needs a device that captures the victim and contains it. Later, captured is thrown far away from the house. Mice traps come in diverse shapes and design. Good thing is that one doesn’t necessarily need to buy them from market. It is easy to use a homemade trap. In many cases, there is no need of making such device. A timely, thrown towel can do the task more elegantly.

6. Use a predator’s litter
Cats and snakes are the most common predators that rodents fear the most. If it is not possible to arrange both these animals then one can use their litter. In case of snake; its waste is easily available with zoos or reptile laboratories. Finding a cat’s faeces is also no problem at all. One can choose any of these things and place them in passage of mice. In this way the target thinks that its predators are present in vicinity and hence decides to change the place.

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