How to Kill Wildlife - How to trap a house mouse with easy to use methods

How to trap a house mouse with easy to use methods

The most effective way of preventing house mouse is by using a trap. At times, keeping cleanliness, using deterrents and even caulking can’t do anything. All the mice traps work on one single principle. They aim at containing mice within a space while closing any exit point. Not all the traps capture the live pests. Few of them kill them at the spot. The process also varies depending upon the requirements. It is possible to rely on traditional traps for capturing a single mouse; but dealing with so many of them requires using commercial traps that are convenient to use. Here are different kinds of mouse traps. You can choose anyone keeping in view your requirements and ease of adaptation.

1. Traditional Snap Traps
Traditional snap traps are the oldest devices for capturing mice. They are fitted with springs and can instantly kill the prey. They are designed in a way that any object that slightly touches them, gets captured. For catching the mice, general practice is to keep any food as bait. One can use simply potatoes or a piece of cheese. Mice are omnivores, they can eat anything and hence easily fall a prey to eatables. At one time, one can use only a single mouse trap. If you have got a complete army of mice, then your arsenal must contain too many mice traps. Keep in mind that traditional snap traps are not at all a humane way of preventing mice. They can instantly kill their prey. Hence; it is better to consider other options as well.

2. Glue Traps
These traps are so simple to use and the most effective. At the same time they are the least humane way of getting rid of mice. Such traps are not complex at all and comprise of one single board and a sticky substance. Here, glue or any sticky substance (synonymous with some anti-rodent poison) is used. Mice that are on a hunt of food get deceived and engulf that substance. A mouse infected with such substance can take several days for becoming dead. Even if it doesn’t get killed, then person who used this trick should take the responsibility to end the life of passive victim. Well, it is best to avoid glue traps as they are very painful for rodents.

3. Traps that capture a live rodent
The most humane method to prevent mice is by using live traps. The principle is very simple. One must use any space, device or trick to capture and imprison the mice when they are alive. Users then take the captured animals to a far off place and leave them there. It is advised to choose a place that matches the natural habitat of mice, Traps that catch the live rodents have so many types. They are available at commercial level and also at domestic level (through DIY tricks). Here are few types of live traps.

• Homemade trap
A simple homemade trap just requires a combination of glass bowl and a trap. One should carefully examine the passage of mice. Later, on a particular place bowl should be balanced with coin in such a way that it loses its balance with small disturbance. Whenever a mouse tries to enter the space in bowl, he offsets the balance and gets captured. Now it is upon user who well he manages to keep the victim entrapped for throwing it on some far off place.
• Use of entry point container
Many live traps that are available at commercial level are specially designed. They only have entry points and not any exit point. Once a rodent enters the container it can’t find the way out. Customized containers can have more space and hence capture more than one mouse. Mice often live in groups. When one of them sees their fellow animal, he tries to go near him. In this way, one entrapped mouse can attract its fellow beings as well.
• A towel or cloth trap
Such trap is a test of the user’s agility. Usually mice are too much fast. They have got an amazing tendency to escape their predator. Whenever a person spots a mouse in house he must use a towel or piece of cloth to capture it. Later, one should be quick to pick or contain the mouse at that particular place. Final step is the same. Finally, the hunter should take a live captured mouse to a place from where his chances of return are zero. Usually, woods or natural places remain the best choice, as it is easy for mice to inhabit such places.

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